Loans for cars still growing thanks to promotions and low rates.Loans for cars still growing thanks to promotions and low rates.

Italians lately don’t give up changing their car. The families have waited so long before replacing their car, perhaps waiting for better times, but the crisis was longer than expected. Lured by the numerous promotions but also by particularly advantageous loan rates, many Italians have been tempted by the desire to buy a new car.

The number of loans for private car purchases,The number of loans for private car purchases,

In the first year in fact, increased by 20% compared to the same period of 2015 despite a slowdown in the growth rate observed in recent months. This is the main evidence that emerges from the latest update of the CRIF Barometer, which records monthly loan applications (real formal preliminary investigations, not simple requests for information or estimates) collected by credit institutions and contributed in EURISC, the System of Credit Information of CRIF which collects data on over 78 million credit positions .

An interesting comparison with the first half of 2014, + 48.2%, but even more so with the first six months of 2013, + 61 %%, and in 2012, + 83.1%.

Another important aspect that emerges from the CRIF analysis is the fact that in the last months of observation the gradual recovery towards higher values ​​of the average amount of loans requested has been consolidating, which in June settled at € 13,609 against € 13,160 in June 2015.

The average amount requested on loan,

The average amount requested on loan,

In the first half of 2016, on the other hand, was 13,083 euros, down by 2.9% compared to the corresponding period of 2015.

In general, the fact that the average amount requested remains at still low levels is reflected in the consolidated tendency on the part of Italians common to other technical forms of financing – to look for debt solutions that weigh as little as possible on available income .

As always, most requests for funding come from individuals aged 45-54 , with 26.7% of the total, followed by those aged 35-44, with 22%.

This first half of the year confirmed the trend in demand for loans aimed at car purchases in further growth, supported by the positive trend in registrations and driven by promotions at particularly advantageous rates of car manufacturers and their dealers. The slowdown in the dynamics recorded in recent months suggests, however, waiting for the data relating to the second half of the year to be able to better evaluate the actual evolution of the sector del.

How to choose the loan for the purchase of a new car in comfort and with maximum convenience? It is simple, using the loan comparator, that with a few clicks will identify the most advantageous offer on the market. Making a simulation on September 5, 2016, we discover that a fifty-year-old from Milan who is borrowing about 15,000 euros to buy a new car at Km 0, with Creditstair Credit Card 36 installments of 446.87 euros per month to repay the entire loan (APR) 6.19%) while with Searchadas the monthly payment will be 456.67 euro (APR 6.22%).

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