Borrow Money Quickly at Low Rates.Borrow Money Quickly at Low Rates.

How to borrow money quickly at low rates?

How to borrow money quickly at low rates?

First, it must be known that this remains possible, even when it comes to finding emergency money when one is in a precarious situation (CDD, RSA, unemployed), including the micro credit, which remains the cheapest personal loan.

What is a microcredit?

This small loan is intended for those who are not always welcome to their banker, especially because of their professional situation. Borrowing when one is unemployed, or needing money quickly without supporting documents to provide is not the best situation to convince one’s bank.

For what amount?

These small sums, which are lent to people who do not have access to the traditional loan range between 300 and 3000 euros, depending on the current project, and the repayment capacity of each.

To be able to borrow more, there are specific conditions to fulfill (buying a new car on credit often requires more money than that). The advantage is the cost of records: they are zero in this type of credit, when the rate, it remains quite low.

ADIE helps professionals

Jobseekers, or those who receive the RSA who want to start a business can count on the support of an association, ADIE, which will help to allow these future entrepreneurs to benefit a professional micro-credit.

For what sum?

These loans, which are underwritten under the new upcoming activity can easily go up to 10,000 euros, to finance the first investments for example. To finance the vehicle of his company when one becomes small craftsman, it is primordial.

This sum of money, made available to creators, will contribute to the reintegration of the unemployed, giving them the opportunity to borrow at a low rate (between 5 and 8%) and thus to have the financial means to start an activity. professional.

This is a different way of getting back to work, even if you have to be aware that the loan will have to be repaid, whether the company continues or not.

Tips for buying an apartment: borrowing urgent money at a reduced rate

Tips for buying an apartment: borrowing urgent money at a reduced rate

To acquire a house, or any other place of life, is a great project. If we will return later on the cheapest home loans now, you should know that there are some tips to complete the main credit of the purchase of his property.

The social loan

Just his name is dreaming: accession, a climb to the peaks by becoming owner. But not everyone can benefit, and for once, it is not the richest who win.

The social loan is a loan that will allow you to obtain a certain amount of money, under very good conditions, and intended for those who have access to PLA. Refunds may be deducted directly from the benefits usually paid.

The loan rate 0

  1. This state aid has allowed many homeowners to buy their homes. For you too, this could be a good source of funding, provided you respect these conditions:
  2. You must not already own your principal residence and have not owned it for more than 2 years.
  3. You must enter the resource criteria set
  4. The loan will not have to cover all costs. It’s up to you to have other loans, like the PAS where a bank mortgage loan where a contribution.
  5. If you buy in the old one, there must be some work to be done (provision of mandatory quotes).

For repay

You will have time, between 20 and 25 depending on your situation. The duration varies according to 3 criteria:

  1. How much do you earn
  2. How much are you going to be occupying the accommodation
  3. Where you buy

Good to know : you will not start paying back right away. The deferral ranges from 5 to 15 years. The repayment period will be reduced once this deferred past.

Loans you do not always think about

Loans you do not always think about

Depending on your situation, whether you are an employee or a retiree, there are opportunities for a small, fast and cheap loan.

The 1% employer

Employees, under certain conditions, have access to 1% housing, which promotes a first purchase or mobility in his work. Rates are very low.

If you work in the private sector, did you know that your employer contributes to your homeownership? This is called the 1% housing or also the housing action. It contributes to this fund on the basis of 0.45% of its payroll.

How can you benefit?

  • By working in a company where there are more than 10 employees.
  • Working in the private sector

Good to know : if you have retired since – 5 years, you continue to qualify. Leaders, on the other hand, only have the right to contribute, and not to benefit!

What can you buy with this loan?

New, but also old, without taking into account the work. You must live there (principal residence), but it is also possible to use the 1% accommodation to buy to rent! (to a lesser extent).

Caution : be vigilant about energy performance. Above “D”, you are no longer eligible for the loan.

How much can you expect?

Up to 1/3 of the price of the purchase (30%), but surcharges exist if you buy following a transfer, a handicap or in a HLM.

The request will be made to your employer. He is not obliged to say yes, know it, because it is necessary that there remain pennies in the cases!

GOOD TO KNOW : it is not because your company has lent you money that you are obliged to stay there until the end of the repayment. The loan has nothing to do with your employment contract, so there is no early repayment to expect.

Break your home savings plan

The ELP is made for that: to bring some fresh money, but also benefited from the subsidized loan of the state, even if given the current rates, it is sometimes above what banks offer for a mortgage classic.

The cheapest mortgage rate on the market: how to get it?

The cheapest mortgage rate on the market: how to get it?

Finding the best possible credit rate will first depend on the type of loan sought. So, hoping for a low-rate personal loan is complicated, while home loans have never been so cheap.

Rates fall again and again, sometimes reaching the bar that was thought impassable 1%. For those who have “got themselves”, by taking out their loan just before the historic decline, all they have to do is try to renegotiate. And here is the rat race that begins, with bankers who are rather deaf ear.

We must insist, to try to recover 0.5%, what can happen if you are a good customer of his bank.

The repurchase of credit

If this does not work, there may be the credit redemption solution, in the same bank, even if the small savings made will surely be offset by the fees.

For a borrower who would like a repurchase by another bank, thoroughly re-read your contract before, especially the clause relating to prepayment penalties. To find out if the game is worth it, you have to look at both the current credit rate and the desired rate.

Tip to lower the monthly payments of his credit:

It is possible to save on the monthly payments due under the insurance, rarely negotiated at the time of taking out his mortgage, and it is a pity. End to end, over the entire term of the loan, they represent a real fortune.

CAF Emergency Relief

CAF Emergency Relief

Far from being a quick and easy-to-get personal credit, CAF emergency relief has the best rate possible, as it is non-refundable! Its urgency also prevents a FICP from borrowing money by being stuck .

CAF emergency relief is not a loan

Indeed, it is a non-refundable advance, and what we mean by this is that it will not refund the money: no interest rate, no mandatory monthly payment. Of course, the CAF intervenes in this way for families who face great difficulties, such as precariousness.

This CAF advance is not subject to the family quotient rule, as most loans from the family allowance fund. It is each case that is taken into account, and in particular the means to do otherwise.


If a family needs money to repair their car, and that is the only way to keep their job, it can be considered extremely urgent (example). Same thing if it is to pay his electricity bill before the power is cut for good in the house.

It is a social worker who will mount the file for the non-refundable advance, his knowledge of the administrative machinery will be a valuable help to save time in the allocation of financial assistance.

In case of significant debt, know that this money can be directly paid to the person (or the organization) to whom you owe money (do not forget to join his RIB in this case). In any case, it is always the CAF that will make the final decision.

Learn more about emergency help

As this is a non-refundable advance, the amount of the CAF boost can not be very high as the budgets are not scalable. 600 euros max per year, but it’s already that.

However, another CAF help can come and take over, and add to it. It is also emergency financial assistance, other than food, which is more the responsibility of the General Council

But if the solutions to get money quickly differ, there is a relationship not to be neglected between the urgency of the situation and the interests. For example, to get a consumer loan at the best rate, it will know how to play the competition.


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